You want to participate in a trade show, an exhibition, a congress or even organize an event within your company? This requires a lot of preparation to ensure the success of the event and to avoid bad surprises in terms of cost.

Show, exhibition, congress

  • Collecting event information and list equipment needed.
  • Listing the costs to participate to the event (Kiosk fees, visuals, materials, merchandise, travel, living expenses if needed, etc.)
  • Making the reservations for the event itself as well as for travelling

Visual preparation

  • Developing visuals for flyers, pamphlets, social networks
    ads, etc. ..)
  • Sending quotation requests to different printers or graphic designers
  • Coordinating printing and plan the visuals collection

Post event activity

  • Establishing a list of contacts with the business cards collected during the event.
  • Following up with potential prospects who visited the booth

Creation of an event (conference, open house, special sale event …)

  • Establishing a schedule to prepare of the event
  • Setting up the list of materials, manpower, and other aspects to make sure the event run smoothly
  • Creating the event on Facebook and promote it on social networks
  • Following up with the team until the day of the event