Investing in my company

The day I started my business, my first expense (other than registering with the Business Register) was to get professional photos. I know that image is important to an entrepreneur, even more, when the source of the product is oneself!

Photo credit : Julie Dessureault Rose aux joues Photographie

So I decided to go with a photographer who was warmly referred to me and I had a wonderful session with her. A few days later, I received the pictures even more beautiful than expected, getting inspired as much by the professionalism of the photographer as the image I was reflecting as a professional.

That’s it … it was my first investment and that was enough for me.

For the rest, I could manage. I followed a few pieces of training for setting up my business. I created a web site, I opened my pages on the social networks, conceived my business cards, mounted my templates of invoices, service offers, etc … I had self-built my business. After all, I put my virtual assistant skills in action!

As the months went by, I met other entrepreneurs at networking events, as well as other virtual assistants on Facebook groups. We share situations that we went through and talk about managing our businesses.

Basically, we are learning!

Sometimes, during conversations, there are those words that you hear: “Better to call a professional if you want to be sure” or “I encourage you to validate this by a professional! “. And yes, doing business with a professional can make a difference.

Everyone knows it.

However, my thought was also about my wallet because using the services of a professional has its cost. And when we are just starting your business, we do not have the ability to spend a lot, especially if the income is less frequent than the outputs! And we agree, my brain was still struggling to work with the vision of a corporate budget!

But I understood that if I also wanted to offer impeccable and professional service, I had to equip myself and use the services of specialists.

So I started to review some facets of my business for which I felt a need for improvement and to consult professionals. Now, I realize how much I acquire poise since. I feel better equipped and much more confident to offer my services.
These are not futile expenses but investments for the foundation of my business.

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