Your events this year

The beginning of the year is going well and your business plan is taking place. You are ready to conquer the world !

Have you thought about participating in events this year? Whether commercial (fair, market, festival …) or charity (Telethon, food collect, etc…), any event must be well planned. The better you are prepared, the better impact your presence will have at this event and the lower the costs will be!

How to prepare?

Set a calendar with the list of events you want to participate in.

Validate with the organizing committees if the availability of kiosks and take into account the registration fees.

Once you have validated which ones you want to participate to, list them on a document as well as all the necessary equipment you need for your participation.

Evaluate the costs of the material and plan their purchase by associating them with acquisition deadlines.

Now your budget is ready and you can organize yourself accordingly.

If you need to buy material that requires time to be produced (pamphlets, visuals, banners, etc …), schedule the dates considering the time you need to work on them. Some visuals can take up to several weeks to be produced.

Finally, will you be alone or do you need assistance for your event? Check in advance the availability of the staff who will represents your company during the event, but also to help you set up the kiosk. Plan too some foods and refreshments for your staff during the fair.

Now all you need to do is advertised through your different platforms:  social networks, website, newsletters, etc.. to promote your presence during this event.

The better planned you will be, the more confidence you will have for this day !

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