Planning: How to adapt to seasonality

Although a strong activity in a business is always positive, you have to manage maintaining your performance and to ensure a good management of your activities during quieter periods. To do so, planning your activities will help you not to succumb to work overload and therefore minimize the impact of additional stress on your team members.

Plan your publications on your social networks

Plan your presence on your social networks by preparing your posts in advance and by scheduling publications. This will allow you to maintain your visibility on your networks during a period when you will not necessarily have the time to devote to it.


Schedule your appointments and your trips in advance

Now you know well the time of year when you can not afford to visit customers or suppliers due to the high level of activities. Plan your appointments after your busiest periods, even if you make them months in advance. In fact, you will have more choices of availability in dates and times ! If you are planning business trips lasting several days, booking your hotel and flight at the earliest, will get you better rates.

Plan your events

Are you thinking of attending a few events during the year, like an show or an open house? Plan the preparations! Set a calendar with deadlines and the list of your events with all the tasks and the necessary materials that needs to be prepared for each of them . You can then delegate the activities to your partners or employees with the schedules dates. You will just have to follow up with them to ensure the smooth progress of the preparations.

Plan your purchases

Do not suffer from the seasonal fluctuations with your sales by ensuring you have the necessary stock of products to meet the demands of your customers. Set an order schedule based on the sales from the previous year and your projections of the upcoming year sales. Proper management of your inventory will save you last-minute purchases and thereby save you considerable emergency transportation costs.

A good planning will save you extra costs but will also spare you from a lot of stress! Take advantage of low activity periods to get ahead with your business activities. Good business management requires good planning!

If you believe you need some help with the planning for some of your business activities, contact us. Together, we can develop a strategy to better organize your busy times.


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