The Greeting cards

If you see your neighbor’s Christmas lights already on, it means it is time for you to complete your greeting cards for your family, your friends but also your customers !

I always liked greeting cards. They are pretty, colorful, warm and above all they bring good news !!

Few years ago 
I used to work  in a company that manufactures high quality cardboard. They have a lot of clients in the field of graphics and luxury products. We used to receive their greeting cards and we would exhibited them on our desks and shelves. It was becoming an show of works of art all along the department. Which of our customers had the greatest audaciousness, the the most brilliant idea, the best design? In other words, the theme of the greeting card is probably one of the yearly biggest project for those companies! Who will stand out?

Yes, because the greeting card can become a marketing strategy: strengthen the personal connection with your customer.

The greeting card has been trivialized in the last few years by unique e-mail, video or mass mailing messages. Maybe cheaper and faster but have they had an impact?

Receiving a handwritten card guaranteed that it will be read. Who made the effort to send me a card? And what a pleasure to find something other than an invoice or  an ad on a new complex of condos for seniors! Even more if it has refined and original style : we note the effort of the sender.

The attention has been brought. Your card generates recognition from your customer.

But how to give it an authenticity? By using your good old pencil! Add a little more personal touch by reminding him of a moment spent together in the last year “Hoping to see you again at the event x next year!” or mentioning how much you enjoy working together on a particular project. If you have little time to personalize each one, select at least your VIP customers and suppliers.

Finally, if the budget or the time does not allow you to send handwritten cards, you can also send your wishes by email but try to be original with a message that stands out from the crowd! Our e-mail boxes are full of messages and it could easily pass unnoticed : virtual card will have had no impact. You can also communicate your wishes on your social networks, however dare to be bold if you want for your customers to stop at your message for a moment.

Not enough time to send your cards before the end of the year? No worries, another way to stand out: send them early January after the year end rush to wish the new year and announce the great projects that are coming!

Need a hand for your communications with your customers? Contact us! We can surely help you !

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