Working with a virtual assistant, what does it imply ?

You have been advised to use the services of a virtual assistant because you are overloaded with work and you need help with your business activities. But what does it mean to work with a virtual assistant? Is she an employee? A consultant? How much does it cost ?

How to use their services ?

Using the services of a virtual assistant is like using those of an external professional, therefore you do not have to go through a hiring process to obtain their services.

Most assistants charge their services per hour, in packages of
hours, per week or par month. For more specific projects, the total number of hours is agreed between the two parties.

Some assistants set up contracts that clearly mention the details of the agreement, and others simply prefer to send you the invoice with the details of the tasks.

What about the price?

On average in Quebec, the rate for a virtual assistant is between $ 25 and $ 60. It may vary according to the tasks to be performed, or according to the skills more advanced in certain areas for some assistant. Extra fees may be added, but these must be clearly stated in the contract (ei. postage, printing costs, travels etc …).

Important point: collaboration!

Doing business with a virtual assistant also means working closely together in a spirit of mutual trust and great communication. Both, the assistant and the client, must get to know each other well in order to optimize the success of this agreement.

Also, you do not need to provide equipment or a working space for your assistant since she works remotely. That’s one less worry for you!

Yes, using a virtual assistant is an additional expense. It is, however an investment in your business that will allow you to complete your daily tasks, remove the burden from your shoulders and make better use of your time!

Time that has a great value when it can be used to grow your business or to spend it with your family!

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