Are you able to switch off during your vacation ?

Can you go on vacation and completely switch your mind off your business?

Can you stop giving attention to your business during your vacation, which means for several days?

In a corporate environment, with a large support team, it’s easier to manage. But for an entrepreneur or a small business, it is not easy to get 100% replaced.

So here you go, you are on vacation, you enjoy the good weather and good cocktails by the pool or the beach but your company remains in your thoughts, in the background. You return later to your hotel room and you take the time to check your messages and emails. You spend one or two hours working while the children are playing on their electronic devices and your spouse is watching the latest news in social networks or taking a nap.

As everyone seems busy, you allow yourself to answer emails that could have waited for you to be back from your vacation, but since you are at it, you take the opportunity to do it… Finally you turn off the phone, you close your laptop but it does not mean you do not think about your business anymore. In a pensive state, thoughtful, your get ready for dinner in a slight nervous and worried atmosphere. Your spouse notices, it irritates you a little because you think no, you are able to switch off…

The week is nearly over, and on the last day of the trip you even catch yourself thinking that you can not wait to get back to settle some matters that you ran through in our emails. You think you enjoyed it, that you did physically relax. But mentally, did you really switch off ? No, it won’t be that year yet.

But you could if you work for it !

Did you consider re-enforcing the skills of one of your team member to lighten this burden of responsibilities? You could train someone of your team to take over some of your responsibilities so that they can handle some tasks during your absences? (It is called DELEGATING !)

Or have you ever thought of getting help from a virtual assistant who will be able to support you while you go on vacation and will only communicate with you only for real emergencies?

You could leave with a lighter head knowing that you have someone reliable and professional who will respond to requests from your customers when you are not available. Finally the company will no longer appear in the background during your vacation and all your attention will therefore be focused on yourself and your family.

So, are you ready to switch off ?

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