Christmas party: Pamper your employees!

You have star employees and you want to show them your gratitude by offering them the best Christmas party ever. But taking it too late, opportunities are more restricted, in the meantime the budget envelope has decreased and enthusiasm has dropped down due to the stress of the year end. So do not get caught by the time, your reservation must be made by the end of October!

Since budgets are different for each company, here are some ideas that will inspire you to organize the perfect Christmas party for you and your team!

Associate pleasure with business

Why not join the Christmas party with a team building activity? Disconnect your employees from the workplace for half a day and put the emphasis on building trust and team spirit!

Rent a cottage and enjoy the benefits of the nature to organize an outdoor activity in the afternoon, ending with a meeting presenting the results of the past year and the objectives of the next! Have a nice team dinner (cheese fudge, for example), followed by an evening of board games.

Here are some websites that offer a variety of cottages:,

You can also request a caterer who will take care of the meal. Do not forget to notify if your employees have food allergies so that the caterer will take them into account. Why not have a team building activity while cooking? Some caterers offer this option (ex: or learn how to make cocktails (ex:! 


No need to leave the city to do a team building activity and a Christmas dinner. You can also rent a loft or a room in the city center and organize Team Building activities during the day, followed by a Christmas dinner in the evening. There are companies offering Team Building activities that will make this event a constructive moment for your team! (ex:

These 2 sites offer room rentals depending on the capacity sought : and

Dinner with entertainment

A dinner show! Have the pleasure of a good meal while being entertained by a show of humor, dance (ex: or why not a night at the Casino cabaret? (ex:

Combine a dinner at the restaurant followed by an activity in another establishment! You could go for a game at the bowling alley, or hit a few balls at an indoor golf center? Do you have employees who love singing? Take them to a karaoke bar! If your group is shy, you can also rent private rooms, so it will feel more comfortable. (ex: ).

Tighter budget with entertainment

You can also spend an excellent evening with your employees in a restaurant of your choice. Some include even small festivities that will make your dinner a special moment!
Enjoy a good meal while discovering the Brazilian dance (ex:! Be sure to confirm when booking that the dancers will be there on the evening of the dinner.

Same kind but a different origin, restaurants offer dinners with belly dance shows ( )
Fancy to go back to the Quebec tradition? Some sugar shacks are open all year and offer meals for the Christmas season often accompanied by musical entertainment (ex:

The goal of the Christmas party is for your employees to gather and have a good time together, so do not hesitate to take the advice of your team. Investigate with a small survey about what they would like to do or not to. By taking into account their opinions, you will obtain a greater commitment from them and therefore a better chance of success for the event.

IMPORTANT: Make sure your employees return home safely on the night of the event. If you are planning on drinking wine or other spirits, anticipate designated drivers from the group or organize your trip by taxi or Red Nose.

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