Get organized!

I recently took a training about organization efficiency and time management and realized how important it is to be organized to increase our productivity. Did you realize how much time you could spend looking for a poorly filed bill, or your last bank statement that slipped under the pile of your kids’ latest drawings on the counter, or an email of your last contract which  you’re trying to find in your mailbox overfilled with more than 200 unread emails?


Oh yes, we’ve all been there at least once in our life: this feeling of injustice against the fate of luck that it had to be THIS document!

Here are some tips that will help you increase your productivity in your job:

Equip yourself! An organized desk with drawers and files will be the number one step to take if you are still sitting on the corner of your kitchen table or in your old sewing shop.

Make your office a great place to be. Why start the day in a place where you do not feel comfortable? Decorate your office and walls so that you feel great. Choose photos that appeal to you or inspire you!

Install your desk near a window if possible, and if you do not have a window, invest in a light therapy lamp, to avoid falling into the winter blues.

Same thing for your electronic files: name the files with your logic so that you will find them easily.


Organize your files according to your way of thinking, do not copy on your neighbor who may have a different logic of filing. You may work better with colors than in alphabetical order?

Your email account has over 200 unread emails and you know that 80% of those do not require action. Create rules in your settings! Most of email providers mailbox have now parameters that allow you to sort the email directly into a file as soon as it arrives. For example your bank statements, news letters, confirmation of mailing, etc. … e-mails that you may need one day but you do not have to read it right away. This will make it easier for you to keep your e-mails up-to-date.

At last, book all your activities in your agenda, even those daily planned (gym, cleaning, dinner, etc …) and add specific time slots during the day when it is the more convenient for you to have specific activities (calls, appointments customers, networking …) Also, when booking an appointment outside, take into account the transport time to book it in your agenda, you will avoid the stress of arriving late to the next appointment!

You think you might need some help ? Contact us and we will see how we can help you !

Investing in your organization means investing in your time, becoming more efficient and increasing your productivity!

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